An Exploration of Running

Complex Leadership Challenges ePortfolio

Welcome! My name is Spencer Wegner and I am a student at the University of Colorado Boulder. This website is an ePortfolio that contains all of the research and work that I did for a course called Complex Leadership Challenges. Learn more about my motivation for choosing running as a topic in the Synthesis Project section.

I am a Computer Science major, but I am also pursuing minors in Business and Technology, Arts, and Media and a certificate in Engineering Leadership. This course serves to fulfill requirements for my leadership certificate.

How to Navigate the Website

Each lens encapsulates a research assignment. I explored many topics in running including interpersonal relationships between runners, gender disparity in mountain, ultra, and trail running, and human evolution in running. You can find final versions of all the different assignments under the Lenses tab.

For my Synthesis Project I recorded a podcast that pulls all of the research together in an attempt to pull further insight from all of the work that I did. You can find the podcast and my reflection on the course under the Synthesis Project tab.

You can find information about all of the wonderful people that I had the privilege to interview during my research under the Interviews tab.

You can find all of the books, articles, interviews, recordings, et cetera that I referenced under the References tab in case you want to explore any of the topics further.

About the Course

The course not only aims to teach leadership but to model leadership, purposefully exemplifying intentional leadership choices and actions. For instance, it “practices what it preaches” by grounding its design in an understanding of a particular need: our communities need leaders with the knowledge, skills and virtues required to grapple with especially complex challenges. Toward this end, Complex Leadership Challenges is designed to cultivate skills leaders need to understand, communicate about, and generate innovative approaches to complex issues. It emphasizes leadership as a rigorous process, encouraging students to fully invest in scrutinizing their chosen issue topics through multiple lenses and conducting extensive, principled research before drawing conclusions and advocating solutions. Progress toward course objectives requires an intensive iterative process where each assignment is revised multiple times in response to peer, class mentor and instructor feedback.

Spencer Wegner  |  Complex Leadership Challenges  |  Spring 2019